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Ultimate Freestyle Calisthenic Battlegrounds (UFCBG) features freestyle calisthenics in a 1 VS 1 single battle format, organized with weight divisions so there are multiple champions at play.

Weight Divisions


NEGO    |   130 - Below  |  135 - 150  | 155 - 170  |  175 - UP


Build your records, conquer your divisions for the chance at a shot to claim and defend that division's vacant Title!! 

Round Info:

Preliminary - 3 rounds - 60 sec per athlete

Co-Main Event - 3 rounds - 60 sec per athlete

Main Event - 4 rounds - 60 secs per athlete

Title Defense - 4 rounds - 60 secs per athlete




  • Match-ups are decided by the athlete's caliber (Skillset), and weight. UFCL does not do random picks, we really take pride on making athletes look good to the audience. So we would never do monopoly or random picks for any UFCL Battle. All aspects of an athlete are taken to consideration & paired by their best match-up for that competition.


  • Athletes can request to challenge an opponent but that athlete must accept the battle at least a month in advance. An opponent request will be taken to consideration but not guaranteed to be approved by UFCL. This is for many reasons; If Athlete Calibers are not close, Novice Athletes, Weight Difference, etc. 





For Battle the set time is 60 secs min per athlete.

(You are not required to use full-time but 'TIME' will be called when time runs out.)  



 1). Each contestant is required to wear UFCL apparel during their 1st round.


2). Contestants can wear their sponsor logo apparel afterwards but it must be approved by UFCL officials first.


 3). Contestants can wear a mouthpiece during their performances, if needed. If mouthpiece is in use; The round cannot begin without the mouthpiece in place. If the mouthpiece is involuntarily dislodged during battle, the Referee will call time, so the athlete can clean the mouthpiece and re-insert their mouthpiece at the first opportune moment. 


4). Gymnastics shoes, Sun glasses, Jewelry are prohibited during performances. Wearing your latest sneakers is encouraged


5). The excessive use of grease or any other foreign substance may not be used on the face or body of any contestant.


6). Everyone must sign a Waiver to Compete!


7). Absolutely No Duet, No Assist, during an athlete's performance. This is prohibited and will not be scored. 


8). All battles will be evaluated and scored by 4 judges who will evaluate the contest in front of the stage area.


Static - Isometric holds/ Body control/ Power Dynamic. A legitimate static hold, is 3 secs or longer with good form. Power Dynamic is a force of motion off a Static hold aka Isotonic Strength such as; Victorian to Planche, Front Lever 180, Back Lever 180, Planche 360, Pull-up 360, etc. Tip: Realty is most of you have 3 sec Static holds but don't show it in competition. This is due to assuming the length we held was 3 secs, when in reality, it was shy of it or not at all. To avoid not getting a full score on a static. Tell yourself to hold at least 4-5 secs or longer.


Dynamics - Force of Motion/ Explosive/ Momentum. (Dynamics are a force of momentum and/or power that produces motion such as; 180s, 360s, 540s, 720s, Shrimp Flip, Cali Roll, Switch Blades, each specific move is a Dynamic).  

Move Combo - Move Combinations/ Creativity/ Cleanliness. Move Combos are the combination of movements. Such as; 360, into 360, into 180, into Back-lever, switch 180, into Front Lever, etc. It's how clean and creative you are putting Dynamic and/or Static movements together.

Overall Performance - Be Different/ Engage Crowd/ Stand Out. What makes you different from the rest? Your Caliber? Endurance? Your Style? So often we see Freestyle Calisthenic athlete's compete that are just hitting moves, looking the same as the athlete beside them. Who Are You? Having the Audience connection/engagement is very important in any sport. You want people to feel like they know you! You want to stand out from the rest to the Judges. Find your Niche, Your Style, Control the Rounds, Engage the Crowd, & Stand out). 


9). At any time an athlete becomes disorderly conduct; they are subject to banned from competing at the UFCL for up to 2 year!


10). All confirmed athlete's must attend event dates as Scheduled.


11). UFCL is not responsible for any lost or stolen property during your travels and stay.


12). Confirmed Athletes will have a designated VIP spot where they'll be able to enjoy the show separate from Spectators .


13). Referees, UFCL Videographers, Staff, & Host are the only people allowed inside the stage area during athlete performances.


14). Be aware, if your battle was called the first time around, we will allow another battle to take place. If you are late and your battle is called a 2nd time, you will be replaced by another athlete. It is not fair to your opponent, who made it a priority to be there on time, as scheduled, and not have a battle.


15). Team Work, Makes The Dream Work. Our Dream is to have Freestyle Calisthenics recognized as an official sport where the athlete's passion and love for freestyle calisthenics can become their careers. This is why we are sharing tips and trying to assist you, with this and future upcoming comps

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