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  • Sat, Jun 05
    Miami Airport Convention Center
    UFCL Battlegrounds 2 | Clash in Miami, powered by @UFCLsports! Ultimate Freestyle Calisthenic Battles by way of, 1 vs 1 | BEAST vs BEAST | Style vs Style. Multiple Champions, under one roof! An event you won't want to miss.
  • Time is TBD
    Miami Beach Convention Center
    FIBO Global Fitness Expo at the Miami Beach Convention Center has been rescheduled for 2021. But the Ultimate Freestyle Calisthenics Championship 3, is still active. Thanks to Controlled Movementz in Memphis, Tennessee. Be sure to check that you are registering to compete in Memphis, TN. Not Miami.
  • Rescheduled for 2021
    Ninja Lounge at Dezerland Park Miami
    WSWCF World Cup is an annual global event that takes place in multiple countries. Only top 3 athletes from each stage qualifies for the end of the year, Super Final event. 2019 USA became a force to be reckon with, when Thomas Kurganov from California USA took home 1ST Place at the 2019 Super Final.
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